Peanut Butter

After making some Banana Butter, it was time to try my luck with making Peanut Butter. Actually, this is nothing exotic or unfamiliar to most; I made ordinary peanut butter. The kind that you can buy in the supermarket, but better. I was craving peanut butter last week, and when I finally dragged myself to the supermarket to get it, they were out. 0 jars … Continue reading Peanut Butter


Hima Happiness

I very much enjoy having coffee in some nice café every once in a while. I order a latte, sit down, and sip my coffee. Sometimes talking with a friend, sometimes enjoying the view or the ambience. On special occasions, or when I just can’t resist, I order something sweet to go along with my latte. Last Friday, a wonderfully sunny day as the picture … Continue reading Hima Happiness

And then I thought,

wearing a helmet when cycling on Hämeentie wouldn’t actually make it more safe. It’s a pseudo safety if anything. Hämeentie, for those not living in Helsinki, is quite a big street. One of the 2 main traffic arteries starting in the centre. The first part is actually called Kaivokatu. After a large roundabout it continues as Unioninkatu, crossing the Pitkäsilta bridge to become Siltasaarenkatu. Then … Continue reading And then I thought,

Charrette 1, Clay model to visualize the ideas


With IdeaScout, a company located in Tampere, Finland, I have been involved in a number of so called “charrettes”. They are intense three to five day workshops, during which students, faculty and staff work together to ideate an improved working and learning environment. Attention is also paid to the services supporting the interior plan and functions. What needs to be in place to make the … Continue reading Charrette