Peanut Butter

After making some Banana Butter, it was time to try my luck with making Peanut Butter. Actually, this is nothing exotic or unfamiliar to most; I made ordinary peanut butter. The kind that you can buy in the supermarket, but better. I was craving peanut butter last week, and when I finally dragged myself to the supermarket to get it, they were out. 0 jars … Continue reading Peanut Butter

Hima Happiness

I very much enjoy having coffee in some nice café every once in a while. I order a latte, sit down, and sip my coffee. Sometimes talking with a friend, sometimes enjoying the view or the ambience. On special occasions, or when I just can’t resist, I order something sweet to go along with my latte. Last Friday, a wonderfully sunny day as the picture … Continue reading Hima Happiness

And then I thought,

wearing a helmet when cycling on Hämeentie wouldn’t actually make it more safe. It’s a pseudo safety if anything. Hämeentie, for those not living in Helsinki, is quite a big street. One of the 2 main traffic arteries starting in the centre. The first part is actually called Kaivokatu. After a large roundabout it continues as Unioninkatu, crossing the Pitkäsilta bridge to become Siltasaarenkatu. Then … Continue reading And then I thought,