During the minor ceramics and glass I researched eggs and egg-shapes. I made moulds of a large number of eggs, lemons, kiwi’s, etc. Shapes in which I recognized an egg-shape. All cast shapes differed slightly, which I found interesting. Some were heavy, others had a ditch. No two eggs were the same.
Later I found a way to make this a personal project. I linked it to interior architecture, and started making tiles. I did this in two different ways.
First I made tiles by filling half egg/shapes with cement to strengthen them, in order to be able to stand on them. These tiles can be used as wall tiles.
After exploring this method I created a different kind of tile, using the egg-shapes in the making process. By laying large plaques of clay over the egg-shapes, the shapes imprinted in the clay. After drying and baking the tiles had become strong enough to walk on.

Used materials: Chamotte clay, stoneware clay
Free subject Minor Ceramics and Glass