Before starting this assignment a location had to be chosen. Either a church/prayer room, a library or a museum. I chose the public library in the center of Eindhoven, which is located in ‘the White Lady’.

The White Lady was built in 1928, and it originally functioned as a light bulb factory. The construction of the building is made from concrete. The pillars and outer walls of this former factory were constructed by using timber molds. After the conversion these construction details were left in sight. The building has six stories which all have long window strips. This inspired me in designing a layered chair. The seat of the chair is tilted forward. The backrest pushes the person in the chair even further forward. Because of this, you’re sitting on the tip of your chair, leaning forward, in the perfect position to read a book.

Used materials: Leftover pieces of plywood, screws
Assignment major Spatial Design, subject product design