The Green Building Generation

This assignment started with the reading of two texts, taking place in 2020. One text, ‘The Techie’, told the story of a young professional, who had apartments in three cities; Boston, Shanghai and Istanbul. All of his houses looked alike.
‘The Silver Business Generation’ told the story of an old man who was in the blooming days of his life. He lived outside Stockholm in a rural environment, in a circular house.

The assignment we got was to develop a concept of how buildings would look in the future, choosing either the rural or the urban story. I chose to make a combination of the circular structure of the rural house, assembled into an urban compatible living tower.
I designed a hexagonal structure, in which the living units consisted of 7 hexagonal shaped spaces. These were arranged in groups of four, which piled on top of each other form a skyscraper.
The outer walls of the tower are covered with vegetation, which filter the polluted outside air of the metropolitan city of Boston. The building also contains wind turbines, solar cells (both photovoltaic and thermal) and a water purification system. All of these devices together make the building completely self-sufficient.
Used media: SketchUp, InDesign, Photoshop
Assignment major Spatial Design, subject interior architecture