During my internship at BYTR Architects (Rotterdam, the Netherlands, April-July 2010), I got the assignment to design a new interior for a house, which was soon to be renovated. Tjerk and Richèl, the architects of the company, had designed an addition, which would be built on top of the existing house. The entrance to this floor, a staircase, would be placed in the current living room, based on the first floor of the house. This asked for a innovative solution towards keeping the room light and spa­cious, and at the same time making the staircase look stunning and eye catching. In order to achieve both goals, I designed a floating staircase with a built in cabinet wall. The steps seem to come out of the cupboards, which cover a large part of the wall. A cavern-like shape has been left blank, leaving space for the residents’ kids to sit and read. The bare sides of the cupboards are covered with a layer of felt. Both the steps of the staircase and the living room floor will be made from bamboo. This is a sustainable material because of its growing speed, and the harvesting method. The assignment covered the design of the entire upper two floors. During my internship I also designed the bathroom, the master bed­room, the alternated kitchen and the living room for this house.

Used media: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Maxwell
Assignment internship BYTR Architects