Healt care 3 year improvements

As agreed in today’s lecture I will focus my learning log on the Friday session on the health care issues, and how to resolve those within a time frame of approximately 3 years. Discussing in the small groups about where the problems lie, we came up with a lot of issues. These were only from the top of our minds, without having studied any research regarding the malfunctioning in health care. The main problems we found were that it is difficult for the ‘patient’ to really be in the center when it comes to receiving the care, since the efficiency of the system forces medical staff to stick to inflexible schedules, and that the used documentation systems do not communicate well, or aren’t synchronized, causing people to be overmedicated. Solutions we thought of for the first issue mentioned were activities like careday, based on the idea of restaurant day. It would be a day where you could go to certain places where there is a specialist available, and where you would be able to meet other people. This focuses mainly on people who go to the doctor to have social interaction, rather than for any mental or physical complaints. During such a day they could meet other people, and enjoy the company, while having the possibility to be referred to a specialist if necessary. One other idea that came up was more concerning the difficulty of the international health care. When abroad it is difficult for the traveller to figure out where to turn, and which insurance to consult. This is not in the best interest of the ‘patient’. We thought of a concept like Starbucks; a coffee company selling their product globally. Would such a concept be possible in a medical approach? Would it be possible to have a global health care company that you can turn to any time you want? If an idea like this could be realized it would have fantastic possibilities for local and foreign people. It can function as a familiar place in the city, a safe haven where you can stop by when the need arises. Discussing this further we thought of public living rooms, where people could go and have a chat with others present. Possibly a mediator or likewise would be present to ensure every visitor gets the attention they might need.
Discussing further on the topic today, and browsing the internet for what is going on at the moment, we came across a distant doctor, who you could contact through a Skype connection. In order to see the doctor, you could get into contact over the internet, and remain in your own safe environment. When we continued brainstorming on this idea, we thought of the possible benefits this kind of a system might have. I mentioned ‘chat roulette’, aiming at the efficiency of the system. With only one click the doctor would get to the next patient, saving the time for the patient to take of their coat, shake hands with the doctor, and after their conversation put their coat back on, exit the office after which the doctor calls the next patient, who has to walk across the hallway to enter the office, and the whole story starts again. Imagine, one click and the next patient is there, ready to talk about their issues.
One thing we discussed in the ‘talking about the issue’ part was that it could increase efficiency of the ‘patient’ would evaluate their visit in advance, and carefully prepare the visit by filling out a form, or posting a video with the reason for their visit to the doctor beforehand.
There were in fact a few more topics that came across in our discussions, but I will save those for the presentation next Tuesday.

What do you think?

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