Hiding sustainability

Reading the editorial Earth day, Then and Now, by Ray C. Anderson, today, which happens to be Earth day, coincidentally. Or, does coincidence not exist? Is it, as a wise man once told me, when we have too narrow expectations? It’s hard to say whether this article was placed in this cluster on purpose, since the content of the clusters haven’t changed, but the due dates of the reflections on them have. Then reading about the achievements of Earth Day I find another short article by Senator Nelson (D-Wis.). He writes about the first Earth Day, and how since then so much has been changed in the politics, and which acts have been proposed. Then he tries to refute that sustainability issues have disappeared from the main agenda because of economic downfall. I wasn’t there in 1970, in fact, I still wasn’t there in 1980, when he wrote this piece 10 years after the first Earth Day, but sustainability has certainly not reached the big crowd of today. I can’t tell what might have caused this, or what is more on the minds of people nowadays, but truly, it’s not out there enough. The author writes that with a bit of common sense you are able to notice the environmental activism all around. If this is so, it’s not like that in the Netherlands. No matter how strange, only after moving here I hear about all the great developments for example TU Delft is working on. I’m actively looking for it, and I have great difficulty in finding anything. If ever I find something, it is an amateuristic website of a small group of environmental enthusiasts. And it is of course great that those exist, but when you think of the goals that we have set nearly worldwide for reducing emissions and improving our built environment, that is not exactly what you want to find.
This entry isn’t exactly focusing on any kind of system, if only the one that is hiding the efforts made in the direction of environmental improvements. We still need initiatives like Earth Day to make the world a bit more aware, which after 40 years of activism isn’t exactly great progress in my opinion.

What do you think?

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