House of Senses

Designing a building which is sustainable in social, ecological and economical terms. The design was lead by a ‘cycle of good city life’ which was developed together with other students on the course. The houses designed are townhouses, located in an area of Helsinki which is currently under development.
The townhouse I have designed houses two families, and allows for them to farm on the ground floor of the premises. The living areas are elevated to the upper floors, and all are joined under one glass greenhouse-style roof. This roof is fitted with solar panels to provide the dwellings with clean electricity. The boxes in which the different functions are housed, together with the ground floor natural space, refer to the 5 senses hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting, feeling. They are constructed using tactile materials, such as straw bales to provide insulation, and plaster to give the entire building a soft touch.
Used media: SketchUp, Photoshop, maquette cardboard, Plexiglas
Assignment MA Creative Sustainability, subject sustainable building design