The project focused on the area of Itä-Pasila in Helsinki. A neighborhood slightly to the north of the city center with a disputable reputation. The task was to improve upon this situation through intervening in the urban setting.
With the team I was working in we brainstormed about the positive aspects this area has, and what is causing the negative image. In different workshops with the residents, their satisfaction about the living area was expressed. The neighborhood is built as a separate distinct living area, with a green border surrounding it.
We furthermore concluded that the services are all in place, however there aren’t enough people to use them. Therefore we designed an additional building in the area, which would increase the number of dwellings significantly.
The building wraps around the green border flowingly, and with the penetrations in the buildings structure, the area remains its open view to the surroundings.
Used media: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator
Assignment MA Creative Sustainability, subject sustainable urban design