To realize a new space for the Creative Sustainability (CS) and International Design Business Management (IDBM) MA programs at Aalto University, I collaborated with a colleague. We started with the organization and facilitation of a workshop with the future users. Students from both programs attended, and gave their ideas and wishes, guided by the activities planned in advance.
After the workshop, we set out an additional questionnaire to gather more opinions and thoughts of what this space should be like. After we had gathered sufficient information, we started making plans. We collaborated closely, and came to a pre-design. At this stage we had gathered a number of different items from around the Arabia campus of the university, and now that we had an idea of what we roughly needed, we visited Aalto’s storage facilities to gather the rest of the required items.
After finding the available furniture, we continued to fine-tune the design. When the furniture arrived, we put the items in the places we had initially thought to be best. Some items were in the right place, and met our expectations, others had to be moved elsewhere in order to work better.
After about a week, during which we went back and forth between the space and the computer drawings, we came to a satisfactory design.
The main furnitue pieces were in place, and the next topic was lighting and accessorizing. To create an overall nice atmosphere we focused on focused lighting and green plants. The air quality in the campus has been topic of debate, and in order to improve this, we researched what type of plants were particularly suitable. During the next months user studies will be held to measure the satisfaction of the space, after which changes will be made to increase the satisfaction.

Used media: Workshop, survey, Live Interior 3D
Interior design project