When life gives you lemons…

You make lemon curd!

A while ago, I was talking with a friend about lemony pastries. Our conversation made my mouth water, and I instantly wanted to have them! I tried to find them at bakeries and deli stores for us to enjoy, but without any luck. Then I consulted the vast internet to provide me with a recipe, so I could make it myself.

That was easier said than done, so I ended up combining a few recipes, and improvising the rest. I started off by making lemon curd. I needed fresh lemon juice and zest, egg yolks, sugar, butter, a few pots and some kitchen utensils and there it was. My first lemon curd.

The next step was making the lemony pastries. I put a few sheets of puff pastry in the oven to bake them, then cut them in half horizontally, spread them with the lemon curd, stacked 3 sheets onto each other, and crumbled a remaining sheet over the top layer of lemon curd. The result? I very happy smile and a big hug!