Hima Happiness

I very much enjoy having coffee in some nice café every once in a while. I order a latte, sit down, and sip my coffee. Sometimes talking with a friend, sometimes enjoying the view or the ambience. On special occasions, or when I just can’t resist, I order something sweet to go along with my latte.

Last Friday, a wonderfully sunny day as the picture above shows, I found myself again ordering a latte. This time at Hima happiness, a café/yoga/good life/happiness place, which opened not too long ago near Hakaniemi. When I entered, I found a bunch of shoes by the door, and a note in Finnish. Without actually reading the note, I took off my shoes, and continued inside. The café is located in the back of the building, with windows facing the path on the side of the building.

For a moment I was worried they didn’t have coffee, as I only saw a list of smoothies they make, and a tea menu, but I was relieved to find a huge chalkboard with the usual variations of coffee on the wall behind the counter.


“I’ll have a latte please.”


“That’s € 4,50 please”

I sat down while they made my coffee, waiting for my friend to join me. My coffee was presented very nicely. An old spoon, a plain saucer, and a glass which I have seen before: Aunt Hobbit. A decorated glass sold by Johan&Nyström, a Swedish coffee duo, who have also landed in Helsinki. All in all a really nice combination.

My friend arrived and ordered tea. We talked about the things life throws at each of us, and how we deal with them. We don’t talk as often as we used to, unfortunately. One of those things life threw at us.

The coffee tasted good, and the way it was served suited very well to the decoration of the café. We sat at an old Anatolian table, on a sofa made of pallets and mattresses, decorated with uncountable many pillows. In the middle of the space stood an old oakwood table, with different chairs, and by the window were two smaller tables. One was made on top of the legs of an old sewing machine. There were fresh flowers on the tables, and made-to-match lampshades hanging from the ceiling, as well as candles to bring some extra atmosphere.

I sat with my legs crossed, talking to my friend much longer than I had planned. But, that’s what happens when you don’t see each other very often! I had a wonderful afternoon, and when I walked back home I could catch the last rays of sunshine of the day.

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