Treasure cave Armazém

While on the way to my Airbnb, I walked passed this place and I thought it looked interesting right away. It was closed, since it was quite late in the evening, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand of course I had no idea what it was. The front façade consists of a large garage door, and the remaining wall around is decorated with chairs, screwed to the wall in various ways.

After visiting several places in Porto, having something Portuguese for breakfast every day, I decide to check out this strange place I spotted on the first day. There’s terrace seating outside, but since it’s slightly drizzling, I continue inside. This place is like a treasure cave! Left and right are interesting artefacts, and a bit further in I find a little showroom inside an alcove. It has a colourful display of clothes and jewellery, as well as other accessories.

On the left is a café space with long tables and a fireplace. The waiter is cleaning it when I enter, and I ask him if I can have a coffee and something to eat. “Of course, just sit down”. He brings me my € 4,50 sandwich and € 1,50 coffee, and I realize there’s no milk.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA He goes back to the kitchen, heats up milk for me, and brings me my coffee with milk. Then he continues cleaning the fireplace.

The sandwich has cured ham, goat’s cheese, mushrooms, arugula and oregano. It’s really tasty! The coffee is tasty, served in a small class with a grip, on a tiny black saucer. It’s a typical Portuguese small espresso like coffee, with milk. I guess it is something like a macchiato now. There’s a table full of magazines nearby, and I pick up a couple of interior design related ones. While reading and eating and sipping my coffee, the waiter comes to switch on the terrace heater. That’s most welcome, since it’s actually quite cold in there!

After flipping through the first magazine, which featured an article of Armazém (which means warehouse in Portuguese), I find another article on the place in the second magazine. I presume there’s an article on them in every magazine on that table.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI take a look around the place, and walk into a couple of the other alcoves. They all are treasure caves, filled with vintage goods. Everything is for sale. Even the table I was sitting at, and the stools, literally everything I see. I take pictures of all the nooks and crannies, and the interesting pieces they have there. There’s a piano in the middle of the space, and a table made out of a thick wooden tabletop on 2 rail wheelbases, on it’s rails. The back walls are lined with 2D artworks, and there are Persian carpets on the floor. This place is a treasure cave like you don’t find them often.

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