Fábrica coffee roasters

I’ve been in Portugal for over a week now, and without exception, I’ve had a café com leite, café au lait, or latte every day. They’re of course all slightly different, café au lait being made with drip coffee, and latte being made with espresso, but we’re in Portugal, and they have their own ideas of what a regular coffee is. (It resembles an espresso)

I’ve been using TripAdvisor as my main tour guide through both Porto and Lisbon so far, and led by others’ reviews of the restaurants, cafés and sights, I ended up in many interesting places. In Porto, I found myself in a place called Armazém, an amazing concept store, and café, and curiosity shop all in one. Read more about my experiences there in my other post.

IMG_0924Today I’m at Fábrica Coffee Roasters. I got interested after looking at the reviews and pictures on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor tells me it’s a € place, though it seems more like a €€ place for Portuguese standards. I ordered a €3, – latte and a chocolate croissant. Because I came in right after a group of 5 Germans, I have to wait for my order until each and every one of them has their breakfast. While the barista runs back and forth to bring them their order, 2 more join the group. They order their sandwiches and drinks, when another guy joins the group. Of course he also orders, and while they are bringing out the group’s order, the latecomers’ orders are brought at the same time. The baristas are having a hard time catering to this large group it seems. They’re running back and forth, and are visibly mildly stressed. It’s amusing to watch.

Meanwhile I’m reading a book I got for my birthday, and casually witness the events over at the other table. A group of students is seated in the back of the café: they’re working on some project with their MacBooks out on the table, discussing hipsters, Snap Chat and UX. Then the barista brings my latte and croissant and I forget everything around me. I’m tempted to take a sip, when I realize it looks above average nice. I decide to take a picture, so I can add it to this post. Then I have my first sip.

IMG_0916This latte, served in a Duralex Picardie glass on a black saucer, is hands down the best I’ve had in a long time. It tastes well rounded, isn’t overly acidic, and the temperature is perfect. This latte is well worth its money.

A girl sits down next to me. She’s wearing an interesting dress, and she has the most beautiful long chestnut-colour curly hair. She orders her croissant and ice-coffee, and only when she leaves, I realize she is by herself, and it might have been nice to talk to her.

IMG_0922The sofa I sat down on looked more comfortable than it turned out to be. I actually realized as soon as I sat down, but I have a tendency to overestimate my endurance when it comes to uncomfortable situations. With every sip I forget about the pain that’s starting to grow in my bum… until I finish my coffee. Time to get up and explore Lisbon some more!