Peanut Butter

After making some Banana Butter, it was time to try my luck with making Peanut Butter. Actually, this is nothing exotic or unfamiliar to most; I made ordinary peanut butter. The kind that you can buy in the supermarket, but better.

I was craving peanut butter last week, and when I finally dragged myself to the supermarket to get it, they were out. 0 jars on the shelf. Well then, what to do? I walked over to the nuts, and got myself a bag of peanuts. What those peanut butter manufacturers can do, I can do better!

First, I roasted the peanuts on a tray in the oven. Just as they were, with the brown skin attached. I suppose if you use pre-roasted (and salted) peanuts you don’t absolutely need to do this, but the oils will release more easily if the peanuts are warmer. Also, your end result might be little bit lighter if there is no skin mixed in your peanut butter. But, since I’m Dutch, I’m used to a quite dark shade of peanut butter. After roasting, I mixed them in the blender. To add some extra special flavour, I tossed in some cashew nuts. It took a while before the peanuts were crushed to the point where the mixture started to look like peanut butter, but the magic, smooth, golden paste appeared before my eyes eventually. In fact, right before my blender started smelling a little burnt. I think I overdid it, and should have perhaps paused longer in between… Hopefully I can use it still!

Another Dutch thing is chocolate sprinkles. Now I didn’t make these myself, but they are pretty amazing. They are a special series from De Ruijter, called Specials Intens Puur (Intense pure/dark). The chocolate sprinkles have 52% cocoa. Omnomnom!

What matters more though, is that I have what I was craving. The peanut butter tastes delicious! I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow!
peanuts and peanut butter