Fábrica coffee roasters

I’ve been in Portugal for over a week now, and without exception, I’ve had a café com leite, café au lait, or latte every day. They’re of course all slightly different, café au lait being made with drip coffee, and latte being made with espresso, but we’re in Portugal, and they have their own ideas of what a regular coffee is. (It resembles an espresso) … Continue reading Fábrica coffee roasters

Hima Happiness

I very much enjoy having coffee in some nice café every once in a while. I order a latte, sit down, and sip my coffee. Sometimes talking with a friend, sometimes enjoying the view or the ambience. On special occasions, or when I just can’t resist, I order something sweet to go along with my latte. Last Friday, a wonderfully sunny day as the picture … Continue reading Hima Happiness