And then I thought,

wearing a helmet when cycling on Hämeentie wouldn’t actually make it more safe. It’s a pseudo safety if anything. Hämeentie, for those not living in Helsinki, is quite a big street. One of the 2 main traffic arteries starting in the centre. The first part is actually called Kaivokatu. After a large roundabout it continues as Unioninkatu, crossing the Pitkäsilta bridge to become Siltasaarenkatu. Then … Continue reading And then I thought,

Earth vs. People

Reading the article by C. Folke on Resilience: The emergence of a perspective for socio-ecological systems analysis, and thinking over my previous learning log entry with the comment that Gary posted, I keep coming back to the same thoughts. The author of the article talks about the disturbance of systems, and their capacity to continue running despite of this. I keep thinking of how this … Continue reading Earth vs. People

Sustainable collapse

While reading the article ‘Sustainability of complex societies’ by Joseph A Tainter, I come across the part where he mentions the collapse of previous great human societies. Firstly he discusses the effects of a collapse, which include a decrease in population of 90%, societal simplification, and the development of technologies and organizations supportable by local resources. After this he states the impact of collapse is … Continue reading Sustainable collapse

Soft systems of life

Watching the ‘Sankaran & Stevens | How do project managers benefit from systems thinking?’ video it is briefly explained what hard systems thinking is; breaking down a task through analytics, and where it was originally used: construction industry. Then Sankaran explains soft systems thinking; problems which have human activity systems, where people are involved. Project management has shifted from hard systems to soft systems. The … Continue reading Soft systems of life

Thoughts on Cluster 1 articles

Watching the speach by Jim Spohrer about his work for IBM on the ‘Smarter Cities’ concept, he talks about the surveys they held amongst CEO’s regularly. Asking them how they see the future, and what possibilities they think will be there. One of the CEO’s suggested they should hold these same surveys amongst the future CEO’s. Then they held the survey at business schools, and … Continue reading Thoughts on Cluster 1 articles