Thoughts on IBM’s Smarter Planet

Reading the information on the IBM website, I get a good sense of the incentives the company has with their ‘Smarter Planet’ concept. It seems like a plausible, well thought through and functioning solution tool to malfunctioning organizations of all kinds. The content of the website is mostly addressed to possible clients, which makes it somewhat awkward here and there. Skipping some parts which seems … Continue reading Thoughts on IBM’s Smarter Planet

Self systems

Lecture two, intense day with lots of information and groupwork. Groupwork, or recap the theories in practice is a pleasant way to let the information sink in. Looking at the Allen, Tainter and Hoekstra diagram (average return, figure 1), and comparing it to the Holling flow diagram (figure 4), I understand that ‘all good things come to an end’. In ecosystems resources run out naturally, … Continue reading Self systems

Learning diary Systems Thinking, day one

The first lecture of the course was very different from previous lectures given in the CS program. Gary Metcalf introduced himself, and his previous experience in family therapy, which made a good example of systems thinking. The lecture clarified the term ‘systems thinking’ quite well. I especially enjoyed the explanation made by Brand, in which a building is analyzed by seeing all the different elements … Continue reading Learning diary Systems Thinking, day one