Peanut Butter

After making some Banana Butter, it was time to try my luck with making Peanut Butter. Actually, this is nothing exotic or unfamiliar to most; I made ordinary peanut butter. The kind that you can buy in the supermarket, but better. I was craving peanut butter last week, and when I finally dragged myself to the supermarket to get it, they were out. 0 jars … Continue reading Peanut Butter

Banana butter

After returning from my trip to Portugal, I was invited to a Good Friday dinner at a friend’s place. I wanted to contribute something to the meal, and since the host was preparing a soup, I thought bread and butter would be nice. The ingredients of the soup were sweet potato, carrots and coconut, so I figured something sweet and exotic would go well with … Continue reading Banana butter


What? Appelstroop? Well, yes! It’s Dutch! It’s one of the many many culinary delicacies that never received credit accross the border. It’s a black thick syrup, almost jelly like. It’s made of apples, sugar, and a lot of patience! I wanted to try to make this, because I was craving it, and, as you might expect, I couldn’t find it in Helsinki. So, I bought … Continue reading Appelstroop