With IdeaScout, a company located in Tampere, Finland, I have been involved in a number of so called “charrettes”. They are intense three to five day workshops, during which students, faculty and staff work together to ideate an improved working and learning environment. Attention is also paid to the services supporting the interior plan and functions. What needs to be in place to make the … Continue reading Charrette


What? Appelstroop? Well, yes! It’s Dutch! It’s one of the many many culinary delicacies that never received credit accross the border. It’s a black thick syrup, almost jelly like. It’s made of apples, sugar, and a lot of patience! I wanted to try to make this, because I was craving it, and, as you might expect, I couldn’t find it in Helsinki. So, I bought … Continue reading Appelstroop

DFI Booklet

During my internship at Design Factory India, I was asked to gather of their previous projects, and bundle them in a booklet. I took inspiration from the booklets made by Design Factory India before. I gathered information on the projects, and sought out the most appealing images from each projects. Some images required editing, which I did using Photoshop. The booklet is currently used as … Continue reading DFI Booklet

Unused spaces, exhibition at MoA

To gather attention around the issue of vacant spaces in the different campuses of Aalto University campuses I exhibited photographs of such spaces on the Masters of Aalto graduation exhibition. The photos were then transferred onto wooden boxes which I had produced for the purpose of this exhibition. The arrangement of the boxes and images emphasizes the topic. The topic is extensively researched in my thesis, … Continue reading Unused spaces, exhibition at MoA


The project focused on the area of Itä-Pasila in Helsinki. A neighborhood slightly to the north of the city center with a disputable reputation. The task was to improve upon this situation through intervening in the urban setting. With the team I was working in we brainstormed about the positive aspects this area has, and what is causing the negative image. In different workshops with … Continue reading Wallbuilding

House of Senses

Designing a building which is sustainable in social, ecological and economical terms. The design was lead by a ‘cycle of good city life’ which was developed together with other students on the course. The houses designed are townhouses, located in an area of Helsinki which is currently under development. The townhouse I have designed houses two families, and allows for them to farm on the … Continue reading House of Senses

Earth vs. People

Reading the article by C. Folke on Resilience: The emergence of a perspective for socio-ecological systems analysis, and thinking over my previous learning log entry with the comment that Gary posted, I keep coming back to the same thoughts. The author of the article talks about the disturbance of systems, and their capacity to continue running despite of this. I keep thinking of how this … Continue reading Earth vs. People