Banana butter

After returning from my trip to Portugal, I was invited to a Good Friday dinner at a friend’s place. I wanted to contribute something to the meal, and since the host was preparing a soup, I thought bread and butter would be nice. The ingredients of the soup were sweet potato, carrots and coconut, so I figured something sweet and exotic would go well with … Continue reading Banana butter

Fábrica coffee roasters

I’ve been in Portugal for over a week now, and without exception, I’ve had a café com leite, café au lait, or latte every day. They’re of course all slightly different, café au lait being made with drip coffee, and latte being made with espresso, but we’re in Portugal, and they have their own ideas of what a regular coffee is. (It resembles an espresso) … Continue reading Fábrica coffee roasters


To realize a new space for the Creative Sustainability (CS) and International Design Business Management (IDBM) MA programs at Aalto University, I collaborated with a colleague. We started with the organization and facilitation of a workshop with the future users. Students from both programs attended, and gave their ideas and wishes, guided by the activities planned in advance. After the workshop, we set out an … Continue reading Spacement


During my internship at BYTR Architects (Rotterdam, the Netherlands, April-July 2010), I got the assignment to design a new interior for a house, which was soon to be renovated. Tjerk and Richèl, the architects of the company, had designed an addition, which would be built on top of the existing house. The entrance to this floor, a staircase, would be placed in the current living … Continue reading Staircasecabinet